Cannon Exchange Building

Cannon Exchange Building
Charleston, SC

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Introducing the Cannon Exchange Building, an exquisite addition to Charleston’s vibrant landscape, located at 186 St. Philip Street, just a block away from the iconic King Street. Currently under construction, this meticulously designed structure embodies the essence of historic Charleston while offering modern luxury and convenience.

At the heart of the Cannon Exchange Building will lie a vibrant premier restaurant destination that is well known to Charleston’s culinary scene. With an innovative menu and inviting atmosphere, the restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience, where every dish tells a story of local flavors and culinary craftsmanship.

Above the bustling restaurant, the Cannon Exchange Building offers two exclusive short-term vacation rentals, each spanning 2 1/2 stories of unparalleled comfort. These four-bedroom, four-bathroom units are creatively designed to provide the ultimate retreat for discerning travelers.

Step into these luxurious vacation rentals and discover a seamless blend of contemporary design and historic charm. One floor welcomes guests with spacious living, dining, and kitchen areas, where gatherings are effortlessly hosted amidst stylish furnishings and modern amenities. Whilst the other is where tranquility awaits in the form of well-appointed bedrooms, each offering a serene sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

As the sun sets over Charleston, guests are invited to ascend to the rooftop deck and witness the city come to life against the backdrop of the Charleston skyline. With panoramic views stretching across the cityscape, the rooftop deck offers an enchanting setting for unforgettable moments and cherished memories.

Externally, the Cannon Exchange Building pays homage to Charleston’s architectural heritage, with a timeless brick facade that seamlessly blends into the historic streetscape. Drawing inspiration from the city’s rich history, the building stands as a testament to Charleston’s enduring allure and timeless elegance.

Whether you are savoring culinary delights at the ground level restaurant space or escaping to the tranquil haven of the vacation rentals above, the Cannon Exchange Building promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of Charleston’s historic district. Embrace the charm of the Holy City and discover the epitome of luxury living at the Cannon Exchange Building.