41 Barre Street

41 Barre Street
41 Barre St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA


CKC Properties prides itself on historic preservation and is always excited to take on new challenges. When 41 Barre Street hit the market in Harleston Village, we knew the possibilities were endless with this beautiful 1950s colonial home.  The house had great bones buts its odd placement and relatively small size was peculiar since it resided on the largest single family lot in downtown Charleston.  

The original house was oriented to the North because 70 years ago when the house was built it faced the Ashley River.  Over the last 70 years there was a large effort to fill that portion of the Ashley River to create developable land for MUSC and the surrounding areas.  CKC Properties worked with preservation groups and the City BAR staff to gain approval to lift the house, move it to the north side of the lot and turn the structure so that it would face the street and incorporated a large addition to the structure.  The adjacent neighbors and our design team felt that this was a great way to re-introduce the house to the neighborhood.  

To date, the home has been lifted and moved and we are in the process of restoring the original home and constructing the large addition as well as adding a new carriage house on the uniquely spacious lot. 

Once complete the house will boost ~5000 sf of heated spaces, ~2000 sf of non heated pouches decks loggia and garages, a 4 car garage, 800 sf pool and Jacuzzi with 3 fire places throughout.  The contrast of new and old construction will create a unique structure with the character of an old 1950’s Colonial house but the security and stability of new construction with highly energy efficient mechanical systems and building materials.

It’s all in the details with this project from the handpicked bricking, to the interior finishes, and proposed landscaping! Stay tuned to our social media for updates on our progress with the project.