Colin Colbert

Colin Colbert


Colin Knight Colbert made his way from Ithaca, New York to Charleston, South Carolina in 2006 to attend the College of Charleston where he majored in Business Administration with a concentration in real estate. Colin graduated in 2010, magna cum lauda.

Throughout his 4 years at College of Charleston he fell in love with the city of Charleston for its charm and rich history.  Upon graduating, he found himself employed by a development company specializing in suburban office park developments. Although he enjoyed the development and construction aspect of his first career opportunity, he knew suburbia was not the right fit.

Colin started CKC Properties in 2011, with a goal of acquiring real estate in the historic district of downtown Charleston.   CKC Properties, LLC first acquired a classic Charleston Freedman’s Cottage which had been abandoned and needed significant renovations.   The renovations performed were significant and historically accurate. Prior to completion, the home was quickly sold with multiple bids being received.

Colin and the new homeowners received the Carolopolis Award from the Preservation Society of Charleston in recognition of the fine work performed.

Colin then moved forward to renovating and leasing a duplex at 6 Radcliffe Street; a triplex at 221 Ashley Avenue and a 5 unit Multi-Family development at 192 Rutledge Avenue, which included a complete restoration of the historic home along the Rutledge Avenue frontage. All of these projects were completed by early 2014.

Since 2014, Colin’s focus has been primarily on new development projects including: a luxurious home with adjoining rental unit at 247 Rutledge Avenue; a single family home at 67 Nassau Street for a preferred client;  two high-quality contemporary homes at 24 Ogier Street and 4 single family homes at 430 Sumter Street.  

More recently, Colin has accomplished a life-long goal of working with his father, Tim Colbert.  In the time since his parents relocated to Charleston, Colin and Tim have been partners on projects including: 15 Smith Street Lofts – a multi-family development near Colonial Lake and Sanctuary Court at 124 Spring Street – a mixed use development with 28 apartments, one office space and the Estadio restaurant. Future projects include a development parcel 0 Mt Pleasant Street, in the booming “Neck” area of Charleston and adjoining properties at the Wentworth Street & St. Phillip Street intersection, owned by CKC Properties.

Through these successful projects, the CKC Properties portfolio has established CKC’s reputation for providing up-scale housing in downtown Charleston.

In 2015, Colin secured a rare vacant lot and developed a home for his parents, Mary and Tim Colbert, at 104.5 Rutledge Avenue in Harleston Village. This tastefully detailed home has been designed as a traditional “Charleston Single House” and compliments the historic homes along Rutledge Avenue.

Colin and Tim continue to build their portfolio in the Charleston area and are currently diversifying their property mix to include short-term rental units (via the related “CKC Hospitality, LLC”), commercial office space, and commercial restaurant space while continuing to build multifamily residential projects and residential homes for sale.